Tree Services Tree Services

Trees are the premier landscape features of any well-planned and designed landscape. They are used dominant backdrops of color, privacy shields, sound barriers, memorials or legacy trees for a home or estate. No matter how trees are used, they require specialized service by trained arborists. The arborists at Newtex landscape can provide a wide variety of programmed tree care solutions including:

  • Scheduled fertilization programs
  • Professional tree pruning with the proper equipment
  • Disease identification and treatment
  • Borer and pest control
  • Design recommendations
  • Proper canopy pruning to meet owners needs (height, shade, width, ornamental)
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Proper watering guidelines

When you choose Newtex Landscape as your tree company, you not only get well trained professional tree technicians, you also get well trained professional landscapers who can resolve other issues such as invasive roots, irrigation corrections , adding soil amendments, planting techniques, and many other services. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that our well-trained staff can provide you with a full circle of affordable tree solutions.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is our specialty. We have removed many varieties trees in the Southern Nevada market for a variety of reasons which include: Fall hazards, pedestrian hazards, visual obstructions, right of way obstructions, tree over - crowding, disease prevention and selective transplant (Palms only).

The process for tree removal requires great skill and the number one priority is safety. There are hazards both above ground with aerial work and below ground with possible roots entangled in infrastructure. In either case you can trust our professional team members to do it right. Notable contracted jobs include the demo of over 300 trees of various species at Las Vegas' Lorenzi Park as part of its renovation. And a Removal of 54 large pine trees at Atrium Gardens that were damage or at risk following a storm.

The tree removal process also generates a significant amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up and properly hauled off. If not properly hauled off this too can create hazards.

Tree Stumps and Roots

Tree stumps and roots can be stump ground approx. 6" below grade or tree roots can be fully removed. Both can be priced for you out by our estimators. Tree root removal may require "Call Before You Dig" action to identify potential water, electrical or gas infrastructure that could be damaged.

Newtex Landscape can handle all your tree removal needs from removal to haul-off safely and affordably. To request an estimate for tree removal simply click here to email us or call us at (702) 795-0300

Tree & Palm Pruning

Our well trained tree crews have years of practical field and classroom experience pruning a wide variety of trees in the Southern Nevada market area. The varieties of trees we care for include

  • Palm treesup to 60'
  • Ornamental high value palm trees (Canary Island Date Palm, Phoenix Date Palm Pruning and shaping)
  • Ornamental Trees (flowering or accent trees)
  • Large trees native and non-native


Each of these trees requires a well trained eye to identify the critical items that are required with each pruning. These may include:

  • Pruning for Health -removing dead and diseased branches.
  • Pruning for Safety - removing branches that may cause damage to people , buildings or assets and may result in increased liability
  • Directional Pruning - pruning to create a more functional use or aesthetic benefit as desired by the client without compromising safety or the health of the tree.


Simply schedule an appointment to have your trees pruned or call us at (702) 795-0300 and we'll have someone out to see you within 72 hours. Tree pruning can be risky, so you can rest assured that we are licensed, bonded and insured especially for tree services.

Tree Care During Construction / Tree Salvage

Construction and renovation of large commercial areas typically calls for the retention and safe care of existing trees. This requires the knowledge of a certified arborist combined with experience commercial landscape team members. The Goal: Save as many trees as planned.
This includes critical steps such as:

  • Photo documented evaluation the condition of existing trees
  • Understanding the scope of surrounding work and the potential impact to the trees
  • Resolving the survivability of existing trees
  • Creating a pre-construction nourishment plan for existing trees
  • Developing a root and canopy protection plan for trees (includes creating restricted areas around trees)
  • Pre-pruning at risk limbs
  • Maintaining basic sources of nourishment for trees
  • Construction "At Fault" reporting for damages to trees
  • Post construction photo documentation of trees
  • Post construction tree inspection and fertilization
  • Removal of root and canopy protection barriers


Give us a call at (702) 795-0300 to set up a consultation and plan for your tree salvage project.