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For the past 15 years, Newtex Landscape Inc. has served the greater Las Vegas area in quality landscape design. Providing professional designs and custom installs from degreed professionals, Newtex has installed over 1,500 residential designs with zero complaints from any professional bureaus. The focus on functioning, quality landscapes is what sets our service above the bar.

Being dynamic and progressive is what keeps our service and customer relations at that level. Whether a brand new landscape or a simple renovation, 100% customer service is provided without question.

We are very proud that our customers can feel safe entrusting us with the outdoor spaces of their homes.

Residential Landscaping Services

NewTex Landscaping handles all aspects of residential landscaping including landscape design and installation, xeriscape conversions, irrigation management, repairs, and replacement, tree trimming, care, and stump removal, pavers, and much more.

Residential Landscaping Client Testimonials

"A wonderful experience! From the design through the installation, Newtex Landscape Inc. went beyond my expectations."
-Rik St. Germaine

"Great job. The design by Justin was wonderful and he was easy to work with. The crews were hard working and very professional. Thanks!"
-Dave Barton

"Great design. Excellent time table."

"We had Justin from Newtex come to our yard for an estimate and design ideas. We have him a budget and our goals. He met every need we had and came in under budget. Justin made sure the plants put in were good quality and he has followed up throughout the year to make sure they are doing well. We were very pleased with our experience."
-Kelli Chandler

"Justin Helped me navigate through the entire process from conceptualization to design to installation. The landscape plan was exactly what I had envisioned, but the completion and actuality is beyond my expectations. The company was a joy to work with!"
-Nancy Estess

"Excellent and clean work. If you ever need a recommendation, call me"
-Jeff Foeh

"Our experience with Newtex was great. We had quite a few design ideas and the Newtex designer Justin, listened to what we wanted refined and improved the end design. The installation was done quickly and professionally, the crew and on site foreman were polite and made changes requested without any hesitation. The work site was kept clean and tidy. Overall a great experience and we can certainly recommend Newtex."
-Stephen Fox

"We found Newtex Landscape to be a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff to work with from the planning stage to the end project. They were also very quick to resolve any issues that we had. Our thanks to Justin VanCleef and Newtex for a beautiful yard."
-Dorene Goida

"Everything came out nice with no problems."
-Larry Hughes

"From concept to completion, we were delighted with the standard of advice, planning, execution and attitude displayed by Justin and his team at Newtex Landscaping."
-Dennis Kruger

"Happy with design, really nice. Very fast and neat. Amazing and good job."
-Madeline Partridge

"I was very satisfied with the work. Very clean the adjacencies from the street. Plants are doing well. No problem recommending Newtex to others. We have received excellent reviews from neighbors."
-Roger Marvin

"Newtex Landscape did a great job on my landscape. The install crew was detail oriented and did everything they could to satisfy my needs as a client. The designer, Justin Vancleef, helped me through the entire process from design to installation. I would highly recommend them to others looking for a quality landscape design and install."
-Tim Thomas

Creating a Landscape

At Newtex Landscape, we have established a design process to better fit your needs as the customer. We have a 6 step approach to creating a landscape or outdoor living space that you've always desired. Much success has come with this, and great customer satisfaction has followed.

Step 1 - The Decision to Landscape

Step 2 - Define your vision

Step 3 - Meeting of the minds

Step 4 - Design and Estimate

Step 5 - The Installation Process

Step 6 - Utilization and Warranty


STEP 1 - The Decision to Landscape

Congratulations! You have made a great decision to enhance your home with landscaping. Most likely, you have decided to add that outdoor living space that you've always wanted, or maybe just enhance the one you have. You may also just want to convert your existing grass areas to xeriscape landscaping or add that outdoor kitchen you want so badly. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to add value to your new or existing home is by professional landscaping. And sometimes, it may be the only way to sell a home for market or above market value.

"Professional landscaping is one of only a few items that actually add value to a home on a value-per-cost basis," said Tim Albert of Albert Appraisals in Las Vegas. "Landscaping, especially of the front yard, really increases street appeal. The more striking the design, the more marketable the property is, and the better chance that the value is going to be in the upper percentage of the neighborhood."

Photo showing 3d design concept "before" and fully executed design in a completed yard "after"

STEP 2 - Define Your Vision

Most likely, you have discussed with family and friends what kind of environment the yard should be and what needs they wish to fill. We think that it is important that when a job is complete, it fits your needs as a customer. You may have to ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • Do I need more entertainment space?
  • Do I need to take pets into consideration?
  • Will this fulfill all of my family member's needs and wants? How will they use the space?
  • Do I have a theme in mind? (I.e. Tropical, Mediterranean, Xeriscape/ Low Maintenance, etc.)

Before and after photo of a barren yard turned into a beautifully landscaped yard

STEP 3 - Meeting of the Minds

We have a reputation of have some of the best designers in the Las Vegas area. Our designers will help you define your vision and create a landscape that exceeds any that you could have dreamed of. When we meet with you, we listen to your ideas and take them a step further, creating a design that exceeds prior expectations. After defining a landscape budget, we can take an idea and make it work, which may be our greatest talent.

Realistic 3D rendering of a paver and landscape design 3D Landscape Design Rendering

STEP 4 - Design and Estimate

Once the vision for your yard has been interpreted into a design, our designer will walk you through the elements of design, material costs and other elements of design options that may enhance or modify the project.

During this process you should expect to discuss theme, plant selection, tree selection, grade issues, amenities, installation schedules or the other new ideas.

All costs will be itemized in a proposal that will clearly define the material going into the project ready for you to review and sign.

We can schedule you for installation 72 hours after the proposal has been signed and in most cases get your installation started within 10 business days.

Image of a proposal and proposed landscape diagram

STEP 5 - The Installation Process

Your designer will walk through your design with one of our skilled residential landscape foreman. The foreman and his crew will "own" the job from start to finish. His job is to insure that the technical and aesthetic standards of the installation are being executed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Defining and resolving grade issues
  • Refining soil and plant areas
  • Installing irrigation (per specifications)
  • Plant and tree selection
  • Proper installation of plant material with soil amendments
  • Instillation of decorative mulch material
  • Installation of low voltage design lighting
  • Setting of all clocks
  • Clean-up and haul off of spoils

Upon completion, your designer will conduct a walk through with the foreman to ensure the installation was completed as planned.

Photo of people in sun hats working in a grassy area

STEP 6 - Utilization and Warranty

At this point you will be ready to enjoy your new yard! Your plants, especially the small ones, will require time to adjust to their new environment. Please be sure that they get adequate water for the first 90 days. We will have set the timers to SNWA recommended seasonal watering times.

Newtex will warranty plant material for 30 days from the day they are installed.

Newtex will also warranty irrigation for a period of one year from installation date. This includes PVC, fittings and poly-tubing, as well as valves. All of these materials are warrantied under normal usage scenarios. Pet damage or physical damage to installation irrigation will not be warrantied.

Landscaping Tips

  • Think about how your landscape can become an extension of your home and enhance your life. Consider whether you'll be using your yard for formal entertaining, relaxation, children's play time or multiple uses. You may want to build children's play areas, barbecue space, a fire pit, fountain, and private areas for relaxation into your design. And make sure you consider flexibility so that your landscape can evolve as your life changes.
  • Choose a landscape professional that specializes in Xeriscape. They will understand the plants that thrive in the desert and create a beautiful design that saves water and money.
  • Create a realistic budget. Many realtors recommend that you invest 5-10 percent of your home's worth. While this may seem high, remember that the right landscape improvements can return over 100 percent of their cost when you sell the home.
  • Choose an experienced company with long-lasting customer relationships in your area. Ask for references and photos of past work.
  • Look for a landscape professional that also offers maintenance services to protect your investment if you don't enjoy yard work or don't have time for the necessary maintenance.
  • Choose a landscape designer with an eye for the future. Your landscape professional should become a partner who helps you create a design that can evolve as your needs change. That's why it is critical to choose a landscape architect with longevity in your community and a proven record.

Please view the PHOTO GALLERY to gain ideas and view our quality of work.

2D Design Work

We, here at Newtex, offer professional residential design from degreed professionals. We are not only here to help you design your yard, but also to ensure that the correct plants are chosen and that the installation is done correctly.

After a brief consultation and obtaining lot dimensions, we will create a professional design drawing for your home, usually within 10 days. We do all of our work in Autocad so that dimensions are very precise and changes to the design are done in an efficient manner. We have a showroom where we construct our drawings that is open to customer consultations as well.

Diagram of a proposed landscaping design

3D Design Work

3-D designs are also available, as to better create the design image for our customers. It is not always easy to visualize a design in a two-dimensional drawing, and we understand that. With any questions about this process, please call our office and set up a consultation with one of our designers.

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with swimming pool

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with putting green

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with fireplace, pavers and seating area

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with swimming pool

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with patio

Realistic 3D rendering of a landscape design with artificial turf and custom pavers


Newtex Landscape uses a variety of professional paving products in our installations, including Pavestone and Belgard.

pavestone logo

A note from Pavestone:

Pavestone has produced segmental concrete products for all markets since 1980. Pavestone is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of concrete pave stone and retaining wall systems, with over $250 million in top-of-the-line equipment and 20 manufacturing locations.

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Belgard Hardscapes logo

A note for Belgard:

Belgard interlocking pavers, paving stone and garden wall products are used in thousands of residential and commercial applications in North America. Quality control is of utmost concern, and all concrete products are sampled and tested daily for temperature resistance, stability, mixture consistency, and load-bearing capacity. Over 20,000 hours are spent every year on research and development.

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