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Newtex Landscape uses a variety of professional paving products in our installations and landscape designs, including Pavestone and Belgard. Using pavers in your commercial or residential landscaping can beautify your landscaping. Be sure to view our paver gallery to get some ideas for your landscaping project and view our professional work.

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A note from Pavestone:

Pavestone has produced segmental concrete products for all markets since 1980.  Pavestone is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of concrete pave stone and retaining wall systems, with over $250 million in top-of-the-line equipment and 20 manufacturing locations.

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A note for Belgard:

Belgard interlocking pavers, paving stone and garden wall products are used in thousands of residential and commercial applications in North America.  Quality control is of utmost concern, and all concrete products are sampled and tested daily for temperature resistance, stability, mixture consistency, and load-bearing capacity.  Over 20,000 hours are spent every year on research and development.  

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