Commercial Residential Irrigation Managemet Install Repairs Commercial & Residential Irrigation Management, Install & Repairs

When it comes to irrigation our philosophy is simple... Help our clients conserve water and save money!  Adapting this seemingly simple philosophy requires a depth of team member technical experience in irrigation systems. And fundamentally, a shared team concern to save water.

Newtex landscape has over 15 years of experience installing, repairing, modifying, and enhancing irrigation systems on both small and large commercial and municipal landscaping jobs as well as residential sites . We're skilled in conventional drip systems, sod irrigation systems using rotors or spray heads, Salco systems, sub surface irrigation and all remaining contemporary or outdated irrigation delivery systems.

Irrigation Problem Solving

We take a forensic approach to resolving irrigation problems. These problems leave evidence like traces of water runoff or disturbed soil. Much can also be determined by the volume of water generated by an issue. We use this evidence to determine the "root cause" of the problem. We then solve it!

We are "Water Smart" Irrigation Trained

watersmart logo We strictly adhere to SNWA watering guidelines and participate in mandatory annual classes to earn the Water Smart designation.

24/7 Irrigation Emergencies

Irrigation emergencies require a team that knows how to identify the source of leak and then quickly mitigate the water loss. After the water loss has been temporarily mitigated it is then time to determine the problem and permanent resolution of the leak. Our skilled team members are very reliable 24/7. We have a "live response" 24 hour emergency service team. This is a valuable service available to all our clients.

If you have a service emergency please call us at (702) 795-0300. We typically arrive within 90 minutes.

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