Commercial  Landscape Construction Commercial Landscape Construction

Commercial landscape construction is a skill that is developed thru time and experience. Our team at Newtex Landscape has the technical ability to pay attention to detailed specifications, read plans, work with various stakeholders including general Contractors and Landscape Architects, Project Managers and Owners. We also have the ability to participate in value engineering opportunities to save Owners money without compromising the end functional and aesthetic goal of the landscape.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Just view our commercial landscape gallery of over $20 million in commercial landscape installations from large municipal parks... to small commercial spaces. We do it all including HOA landscaping maintenance, water smart irrigation, tree care by professional arborists, and more!

If you have a commercial landscape project in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV that you would like us to bid or design build for you please call us at (702) 795-0300 or complete the lead box on this page and hit submit. We'll get back to you immediately.

Commercial Sod Conversions

Water is our most precious commodity as people and as landscapers. Newtex Landscape has been a certified Water Smart Contractor since the inception of the program almost 9 years ago. We have helped to convert over 9 million square feet of grass to xeriscape landscapes, approved and rebated by SNWA. In aggregate this is equivalent to over 191 million gallons of water saved a year.

In addition to the water and money savings for our clients, our conversions help update worn irrigation infrastructure and allow us to create a carefully planned, aesthetic landscape, designed to improve curb appeal in the converted areas.

Whether it's residential or commercial...we understand that many of our clients love their grass areas. So we specialize in creating landscapes to substitute for grass... but improve the overall aesthetics and value!

In the conversion design process, we have access to decorative hardscapes like pavers, plants of all varieties, artificial grass and groundcovers that add color and texture. You will get the best options to choose from.

Call us at (702) 795-0300 to schedule a free consultation to save water, save money and get your grass converted.